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Tarlov Cyst Disease UK



To contact Dr. Frank Feigenbaum:

You need to have a MRi scan of your sacrum or lower back(no more than ¾ months old)

If you live in UK or in Europe, the easy way to contact Dr F. is through the Aimisspine website. Since 2011 Dr. Frank Feigenbaum

has been treating patients affected by the problems of all types of meningeal cysts at the AIMIS spine hospital in Cyprus.

To contact Dr Adrian Casey:

Through the NHS. You can ask your GP for a referral to see  Dr A.Casey in London at Wellington Hospital.

Private appointment: You can book an appointment by calling his secretary on this number: 020/74835104

You can use this email: genevievecapazorio@hcahealthcare.co.uk

 Consultation time: 30 minutes

Price: £285

To contact Dr Dorte Clemmensen in Denmark:

Please email your details and symptoms to Clara Kjøller at info@hviidsminde.com

 She will get back to you with more information and help.